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A Study on the Linkage of HRM Practices on Employee Productivity of Small Scale Industries

Human resource management (HRM) is about managing efficiently the workforce of the organization. HR practices consist of the fundamental aspects of the employment relationship and accounts for the requirement of those practices in relation to the policies constituting it. The nature of HRM practices and the degree to which they are formalized have significant impact on the performance outcomes of the employee as well as the organization. The paper focuses to identify the relationship between HRM practices and its linkage with the employee productivity particularly in relation to small scale industries.Structural equation model (SEM) using SPSS AMOS version 21 was used to test the path linkage of the HRM practices on employee productivity.The findings of the study indicate that the model exhibits a good fit with the data and shows that there is a significant impact of HRM practices on employee productivity of small scale industries. Keywords - HRM practices, employee productivity, small scale industries, organization performance.