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Online Consumer Perceived Risk and Attitude influences on Online Purchasing Behavior: In Case of Mongolian Online Shoppers

Development of online shopping business has risen sharply with the growth of the internet usage in the last decades. In Mongolia, E-commerce developed since recently but not enough. Our consumers make buy more from foreign E-commerce websites (, ) than Mongolian e-commerce system (,, . It shows that perceived risk is higher. Consumer perceived risk of online shopping directly impacts on user’s attitude and the attitude significantly influences to purchasing behavior. Prevoius studies examined in term of their effect on consumers’ online attitude and identified four categories risks or product risk, financial, convenience and non-delivery risks. Survey was collected from 294 social network users. The findings show that product risk, financial risk, non-delivery risk, convenience risk have negative impact on the online shopping attitude. We assume that Mongolian consumers give more importance for all perceived risks. The e-commerce shoppers’ attitude was significant and positive impacts on the online purchasing behavior. Index Terms - Online shopping behaviour, Consumer Attitude, Perceived Risks