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Dialogue and The Role of the Educational Student Between the Hoped and Reality Descriptive Study on Secondary School Students in Yanbu Governorate with a Proposed Program to Activate the Role of the Student in the Educational Dialogue

In support objectives of the educational discussion as a basic need of a student in high school level, and as a national tool, under the wisdom leadership Allah Almighty saved their efforts, and with the importance of discussion in general and its necessity in high school level particularly. The study aimed to reveal the extent involvement of students in the educational discussion school, also focused on the social and economic factors affecting the role activation of the student in discussion. It was reached to proposals to activate the role of a student at a high school level in discussion in Yanbu City. The researcher used the social survey method based on the questionnaire as a tool for research. Whereas the sample study included 226 female students from high school level (general system, decisions of system, quarterly system) at Royal Commission of Yanbu sea, it has been selected to represent an intentional sample of the society. After making the necessary statistical analyzes, the recent study revealed that there is a deficiencies in level of female students participation in educational discussion in all fields available at school in general , and this level of female student role in discussion is an obvious indication on reality of discussion to high school female students’ level in Public Schools at Yanbu City, although the availability of physical factors enhanced for discussion, whereas results showed social factors enhanced the role of requesting the average discussion of female student in medium level provided, as well as economic factors which enhanced role of female student at high average also provided. The researcher explains this result that the level of female student participation in discussion did not live up to the hoped level despite the availability of environment school enhanced for discussion and with family discussion and a generation looking for discussion and participation, which is suitable with the necessity and characteristics of high school female student. This is a clear indication that there is obstacles stand in front of promoting and activating the role of female student in discussion and participation which revealed by this study at high level. This requires of educators in the field of education a serious view to develop the level of discussion and participation among the female student, especially the female student in high school level needs to participate and attention, and enhance her roles and listen to her, and graduate a discussion generation, able to accept responsibility and adherence to the principles of his religion and his country. In light of results of the study and theoretical frameworks and previous studies, the researcher presented a Proposal Program to activate the role of female student in the school of educational discussion, which addressed a number of steps needed to activate the program and measures .