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A Comparative Analysis on Microfinance Sector between Vietnam and other Countries in the Southeast Asia

There is a huge part of world population is in need of microfinance services. However, the same mechanism in microfinance cannot work in any given country effectively. This paper stated that each country had its own socio-economicpolitical legal construction and governance structure; thus, the need for financial services and the way to administer them could be different among even developing countries. A comparison of Vietnam with other neighbor countries is given to explore and compare the main similarities and differences in the practice of microfinance. To sum up, a “one size fits all” solution for microfinance to fight against underdevelopment, and poverty is impossible because of socio-economic-politicallegal differences among selected countries. Indexterms - Microfinance, Developing countries, Poverty, “One size fits all” solution, Socio-economic-political-legal differences.