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Educational Status of AFGHAN Immigrant Children in Tehran

The present study is focused on the educational status of Afghan children in Tehran. This issue has raised that due to the accommodation and long endurance of the Afghan immigrants in Iran, their problems are not solved in this country and it remains unsolved, since Iran has no specific policy for the immigrants, while one of their troubles is the educational status of their children. The present study is qualitative with the content analysis, as 52 school authorities, the students and their parents in Tehran by the snowball sampling method and the deep and semi-structured interviews with them. The data analytic method is the content analysis via the inductive approach. The final results of the study included five items, i.e. economical status, cultural status, social status, political status, and personal status. The poor financial status and the lack of ability to pay the expenses of the schools, the work enforcement on the children, the lack of the residency card in Iran, the mental aggression, and the rejection of the children in the schools, where these are imposed on the immigrant children in some state schools, which are seen as the most significant problems of the Afghan immigrant children. Keywords - Education, immigrant, afghan children.