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The Study about Outcomes of Incivility: The Relationship between Experienced Incivility and Acting Incivility in Workplace

Recently, many studies about incivility have been conducted and accumulated, but those studies are still merely focusing on the next two points. First, there is lack of interest that employees’ experience of incivility can make them do incivility to their colleagues. Second, most studies have considered resources of incivility are only in the organizations. Based on those two problems, this study was to empirically identify the relationship between experienced incivility and acting incivility. Results showed that there is the target similarity between experienced incivility and acting incivility, but the spillover effect was significant on the relationship of experienced incivility in organization and doing incivility to customer. Implications and suggestions were demonstrated at the end. Index Terms - incivility, experienced incivility, acting incivility, workplace incivility, target similarity, spillover effect, SEM