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A Q & A Application using the Concept of Gamification

A challenging problem in the era of the fourth industrial revolution is not limited to a single discipline. Therefore, a person with comprehensive understanding is required. In addition, it is essential to analyze problems and design and solve problem solving methods directly. A learner is perceived the flow of change in various fields. Education is no exception. Unlike the past, current learners are more familiar with the digital environment. Therefore, the method of education should be changed to reflect the changed characteristics of learners. An alternative application is a Q & A application. Through the Q & A application, the learner can ask questions that he or she does not know anytime, anywhere, or answer other people's questions. Through the feedback process of the questions raised by him, it is possible to do step by step learning and repeat learning by responding to what he or she knows about other people's questions. You can also learn more about a given topic or subject in a given lesson. Through this, continuous teaching outside of class hours is possible and can help to understand the learning contents, which can have a positive effect on improving learning achievement as a result. Keywords - Changing Learner Personality, Feedback Process, Step-by-step Learning, Learning achievement