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A Conceptual Framework of the Impact of Total Quality Management and Corporate Social Responsibility on Business Performance in the Context of Developing Economy

The purpose of this study is to develop a conceptual framework of the relationship between TQM, CSR and business performance in a developing economy like Pakistan. This study proposes an integrated conceptual framework of TQM, CSR and business performance. The reason for TQM and CSR integration is that companies face pressure not only from its customer to deliver high quality product and services, but also from other stakeholder like employees, society and the natural environment as well. Therefore, companies generate profit for its shareholder by producing high quality product and services in the manner that emphasize human dignity, satisfy its employees, and do not harm people and the natural environment. This study, based on stakeholder theory which stresses to satisfy all stakeholders, foresees how stakeholder orientation affects the relationship between TQM, CSR and business performance.The proposed framework of this study will provide important insightfor Pakistani industry which will result in to get benefit from TQM and CSR implementation.Moreover, this study will provide better understanding that how TQM and CSR impact on business performance and will significantly help Pakistani industry to gain competitive advantages in the global marketplace.