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Supplier Selection Criteria and Their Influence on Operational Performance: A Field Study in Aleppo City

Supplier selection process is the most important process in the purchase management at any organization because of the good supplier ensures getting the hospitals on their needs in the right quality, right time, and the right cost especially after considering the suppliers as strategy partner and competitive advantage resource. The process of supplier selection has a lot of criteria which Dickson mentioned it in 1969 after doing a research on 273 purchase managers such as financial performance, cost, quality, reputation, market share … etc. In this study we tested impact of many of these criteria (cost, quality, on-time delivery, reputation and long-term relationship) on the operational performance like profitability and market share. We applied it on sample of private hospitals in Aleppo city in April 2015. Our finding was that there is influence to supplier selection criteria on the operational performance and these five criteria explained 25.4% from the change in the operational performance and about 74.6% form changes was to another reasons or factors. Keywords - Supplier Selection, Cost, Quality, On-time Delivery, Reputation, Long-term Relationship, Operational Performance, Profitability, Market Share.