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An Empirical Study on Customer Satisfaction of ATM Services in Ahmadabad City

In the Present day world, the revolutionary development of the information and communication technology has contributed towards the development of the banking sector. ATM is the most popular and widely used e-banking services in the Indian banking industry. This study is an attempt to analyse the level of customer satisfaction in ATM service provided by banks in India. For this investigation Primary data was collected from 110 respondents of Bank of Baroda & YES Bank in Ahmadabad city through a structured questionnaire using random sampling method. The study reveals that the most significant problem faced by the customers regarding ATMs is the out of order and out of cash condition of the machine and the majority of respondents are fulfilling their requirement through using ATM service and they also happy with number of ATM available in their locality, but most of respondents are not happy with transaction cost charged by different banks for ATM service and addressing the grievances of the ATM customers. Keywords - ATM, E-banking, Customer satisfaction, Bank of Baroda, YES bank.