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Consequences of the Service Quality of Sales Person in Retail Trade: An Empirical Study in Chennai City

The growing economy in India has brought phenomenal changes in customer’s demand pattern. The psychological framework has changed as well as the lifestyle of individual is getting changed due to these environmental influences. Liberalized economy, information flow, changes in technology, increasing income, job opportunities, enhanced literacy rate, and the rising job prospects in different sectors are some of the factors responsible for this. The retail store can be the key success factor, the competitive advantage of a retail company. An important element to the retail strategy is the store image; the total sum of customer’s perceptions about a store. Retail store image has been shown to play an vital role in store patronage, and it is widely accepted that psychological factors have a significant role in store image formation. Past research has often involved the measurement of tangible attributes, or links between store images and consumers’ self‐images. This study was undertaken to move to the next stage by exploring the link between perceived store image and the store employee’s attitude values which underlie behavioral choices. The goal of this article is to provide deeper insights into the store employees selling behavior attitude and its impact on the store image. The articles main objective is to study the effect of customer’s towards the store image when the store employee exhibits his attitude in selling behaviour to the customer.