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Used Plastic Bottles Material as a Basis for Development of a New Product

The objective of this research is to utilize used plastic bottle material (HDPE) as a basis for designing of a new lamp. The research investigated on the satisfaction of sample group on the lamp on 4 aspects; aesthetics, usage and function, safety, and materials & production process. The sample group included 60 people who attend the Sunday Market, Thailand, on every Saturday. The data were analyzed to find mean, percentage, and standard deviation. The result showed that the overall satisfaction was at good level (mean = 3.79). When considering in details, it was found that the subjects reported their highest satisfaction on the aesthetics (mean = 3.88), followed by usage and function (mean = 3.82); then, materials and production process (mean = 3.73). The least satisfaction aspect was on safety (mean = 3.71). Keywords - Lamp, Plastic Bottle, Reuse, Used Material