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The Construction of Training Curriculum on Production of Digital Printing for Graphic Designer

This research was aimed for 1) to construct training curriculum on production of digital printing for graphic designer and 2) to evaluate learning achievement of the trainees. The sampling group for this research were included 20 graphic designers who worked for printing industry organizations, or freelance graphic designers who lived in Bangkok. From the study, it was found that 1) the curriculum consisted of 3 learning units of contents; (1) prepress work for digital printing, (2) press work for digital printing, and (3) post-press work for digital printing. The evaluation revealed the average score of training curriculum quality by specialists was 4.08, which is good and (2) The overall posttest learners’ learning achievement of the trainees was higher than that of pretest at the statistical significant level of 0.05. Keywords - Training Curriculum, Digital Printing, Graphic Designer