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A Comparative Study on the Depiction of ‘Racism’: ‘Twelve Years A Slave’ A Memoir by Solomon Northup, and ‘12 Years A Slave’ the Movie by Steve MC Queen

Given that questions pertaining to the perpetuation of ‘symbolic racism’ and ‘modern slavery’ are major concerns in today’s society – building barriers to social and economic participation, and leading to public exclusion – these matters have still not gained enough coverage in laudable circles as to garner activist support. Racism, in this light, has been a problem right from the administrative front of systemic segregation; i.e. when viewed from the perspective of civil society and the mainstream media. As such, it is imperative that studies on the depiction of racism in films and literature are conducted, so that a heightened level of awareness surrounding these issues might be inculcated in readers, viewers, and society at large. In hindsight, the representation of ‘black’ characters in movies and literature have evolved over time, and must be accounted for. Thereof, the current research paper postulates a comparison of the depiction of ‘racism’ & ‘slavery’ in Twelve Years a Slave a memoir by Solomon Northup, and 12 Years a Slave the movie by Steve Mc Queen. Keywords - Racism, Slave Narratives, Human Rights, Gender, Colorism, Ethnic Identity