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Design Techniques for Elderly Users to Start Applications

Technology can be used to create the relationship, activities and collaborate elder with their family. In the past, technology is the advanced thing for the elders. Its functionalities are very complex and understand difficulty. It is growing slightly from irrelevant thing to very significant thing in our lives. In the present, there are many different types of technology to make the people lives conveniently. The elder cannot remember the complex of applications. Therefore, the simple functionalities and appearances for the elders like font, size, color, text printing format, and alignment are very interesting to study. This research thus endeavors to create techniques design - advanced elements to support the elders to use application or technology for them. The sample group of questionnaires is the elders in Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok, Thailand who retire from their works in Bangkok area. The 30 random people between 40-65 years old were sampled. The results of graphic, color, and shape experiments were analyzed via statistic frequency and percentage. In this paper, it can be noticed that the manual of application consists of messaging, sending graphic like stickers, and video calling topics. The vector graphic should be used in application. Simple font type and large size should be implemented in the application. The elders in our work can start to use the application themselves up to 60%. Keywords - Elderly Users, Usability, User manual, Elderly, Universal design