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Application of Agent Analysis to Study Indoor Movements of Students in Wat Dhevaraj Kunchorn School by using Space Syntax

Safety of life and properties is the very important issue. Creating a spatial model of elementary students in a school building by using space syntax is one of tools for understanding accessibility of physical environments of primary students. This study aims to apply space syntax to build a spatial model of the institution, as well as to verify whether the spatial model created from space syntax has a correlation with area usage in the school building. Finally, this study aims to uncover where vulnerable zones for life and properties in the school are. The result of study revealed that space syntax could well build the spatial model, and the correlation between the space syntax and number of students was high (R2 = 0.940). Besides, risk zones in the school included corners of a room and gaps between bookshelves in a library, because these areas had a low integration value and also were blind spots for teacher in the school. Index Terms - Spatial Model, Space Syntax, Wat Dhevaraj Kunchorn School