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Development of Tour App based on Travel Needs in Mongolia

Mongolia is interesting where travelers can experience a nomadic culture, vast wonderful places, and great history. However, traveler needs to be more information. According to the result, many destinations and Mongolian travel business are developing tour apps. This study forms an important baseline research to inform travel stakeholders on visitor’s use of tour-guides, especially connected to mobile devices such as Smart-phones, as well as downloadable APPs. The results give travel business an understanding of the tour-guide use and the visitor experience. There has been a significant rise in Mongolian travel providers creating tour apps. With over 100 apps today, most people use 10 or so, and of that 10, only about ten are used regularly. Many APPs seem to reflect an approach that looks like early websites, copying hard copy versions, without taking advantage of the unique opportunities mobile APPs offer. This study was commissioned by Travel Mongolian tour agency in order to identify and test how local and foreign visitors use traditional tour-guides with a focus on the use of a mobile APP such as Smart-Phones, as well as APPs when touring in general and within Mongolia. Keywords- Travel, tourist, tour-guide, app, Smart-Phone, Mongolia.