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A Mirror Turning Into Window: An Analysis of Mona Lisa Smile and Educating Rita Movies The Freedom of Choice and The Greek Reality

Still today, in the early 21st century, the majority of women come up against with a brick wall, meaning that even if technology and sciences daily take a step further in leading humanity to a better future, unfortunately there is still prejudice against female population in the workplace and the family. There is still something missing from the picture. This realization was the starting point from which this research paper derived. In order to make specific conclusions and assumptions on the subject, in this paper two movies were used for analysis in accordance with the position of women in different time periods. The first movie is Mona Lisa Smile and the second movie is Educating Rita. It is intended that through this examination readers will be able to view today‟s concept of women in a broader social perspective. Furthermore, there will be a critical investigation in the position of women in Greece and specifically on women who live in its rural areas. Index Terms: Women; Feminism; Movies; Time Periods; Greece.