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A Critical Review of Intrapreneurship Research on Organizations’ Size and Location

The primary objective of the present research is to provide a comprehensive analysis on intrapreneurship literature and to highlight the gaps in current research methodology which focuses primarily on intrapreneurship in large organizations in the U.S.A. In international literature, intrapreneurship has been acknowledged as a vital element of organizations’ performance in their search for success and uniqueness. Overall, even though intrapreneurship exists in firms in general irrespective of thesize, research on intrapreneurial posture focuses mainly on large corporations in the U.S.A., leading to a lack of research available on smaller companies established in other countries. However, intrapreneurship is a vivid phenomenon which is affected by various organizational conditions and it seems that does not apply mindlesslyto the intrapreneurial norms as proposed by research conducted on large corporations. Based on the above insights, the paper suggests directions for future research. Index terms - Competitiveness, corporate entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, SMEs.