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The Influence of Knowledge Sharing on Innovation ATA Training Institution in Bandung

Companies must be responsive, able to adapt and highly competitive to face rapidly changing business environment, both nationally, regionally and globally. One of the factors influencing the level of adaptation and competitiveness is innovation. Innovation can arise from the activities of knowledge sharing in the company. The purpose of this study is to examine and analyze the relationship between knowledge sharing (which includes the activities of knowledge collecting and knowledge donating) and employee innovation at a training institution in Bandung which is the core of human resource development strategy for a company. In this research, the writers use descriptive research type. The population involves all employees in the environment of the training institution consisting of 212 people, with a sample of 140 people. Data were analyzed using path analysis technique. From the results of the study, it is found that knowledge collecting and knowledge donating significantly influence innovation both simultaneously and partially. The implications of this study suggest that both these factors (knowledge collecting and knowledge donating) should be prioritized in the training and human resource development programs of the company in order to form the habits and culture which highlight the two factors Keywords – knowledge collecting, knowledge donating, inovation, path analysis