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The Impact of Tourism on Local Community Following The Case Study of Wat Siri Phutto (Khamchanod), Ban Dung, Udon Thani

The study on the impact of tourism on local community following the case study of Wat Siri Phutto or Wat Kamchanod, Ban Dung, Udon Thani aims to investigate the potential of local tourist attractions to increase the number of tourists in that area. This study is survey and qualitative research. The findings show that the impact of this case on local community is that the increasing number of visitors who believe in superstition is causing garbage problems and destructing the ecosystem of Kamchanod forest. The area of Wat Kamchanod is a small island with peat swamp forest whose floor rises upon being seasonally flooded. This type of landscape is called “Sa Nom” by locals and Kamchanod is a spring area where taraw palms densely grow. Therefore, the researchers are interested in studying the tourism situation at Wat Kamchanod in terms of the impact on economy, society and environment. The results are expected to be utilized as a guideline to manage and improve local tourism, increase incomes of locals and conserve environment to meet the concept of sustainable tourism. Index Terms - Impact of tourism, Impact on local community, Kamchanod