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Parents Perception of Trust in Teachers in Korea

The purpose of this study was to explore the opportunities, grounds and, consequence of parents' trust formation or hinderance in their teachers. In order to accomplish this, the data for the research was gathered through the interviews with twenty parents. These data were analyzed the content analysis method and it can be summed up as follows. For the formation and the development of trust in teachers, parents require the opportunities of interaction in educational activities. Moreover trust in teachers results from both the trust toward educational activities and humanities. Once parents assure themselves of their trust in teachers, they would share their personal lives and manage students’ trouble efficiently. However, the lack of trust among teachers can cause one's unnecessary energy loss and extra stress from troubles in school life. On the basis of these findings, we can understand that the formation of trust in teachers is influenced by direct and indirect factors. Also, it can be helped reliable relationship between parents and teachers by exploring the teacher qualification to build trust in parents. Index Terms—Trust In School, Parents-Teachers Relationship, Factors Of Trust, Formation Process Of Trust