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Parental Alcoholism and its Relationship with Adolescents Depression and Self Concept

In recent years there has been an increased interest in knowing the effects of parental alcoholism on children and their psychological wellbeing. The aim of the study was to understand the influence of parental alcoholism on adolescent’s depression and self concept. To measure the level of depression and self concept, Beck Depression Inventory and Self Concept inventory by Moshin was used. The participants of the study were 31 adolescents of alcoholic parents and other 31 adolescents of non alcoholic parents as comparison group. The results confirm that there is significant difference between adolescents of alcoholic and non alcoholic parents on their depression and self concept. An adolescent of alcoholic parents experiences more depression and low self concept. The result of the correlational analyses confirms the existence of significant inverse relationships between depression and self concept. Index terms - Parental Alcoholism, Adolescent, Depression and Self Concept.