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Impact of an Efficient Image Management Strategy on your Organization Case study: Havells India Ltd

An old, well-performing brand can also feel the need to have an image boost. This is the need of the hour. A corporate not only needs to make an image but also has the burden to not only maintain it but also to keep reminding people of its importance. In these ever-changing times and in this era of globalization, competition has severely increased. This puts immense pressure on the brands to make them stand-out amongst all parity products. Here image management is necessary to provide additional boost to the company’s sales and positioning. Similar situation was face was age-old brand Havells India Ltd. and it finally decided that it needs image management to make itself stand apart. Present study aims to provide a case study of Havells India Ltd. and its plunge in image management in the year 2006 – 2007. Keywords - Corporate Identity, Image management, Advertising, Public Relations, brand, Logo