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Comparision and Analysis of Age Classification Techniques

Automatic age estimation has become a popular area of interest for researchers due to its potential increase in real world applications such as biometrics, cosmetology, forensic art, security control, entertainment, etc. As, the scope of this area has increased, it has become more challenging for researchers to cope up with the problems. As the facial age does not depend only on the intrinsic factors, which are genetic factors such as texture, type etc. It also depend on the extrinsic factors of the respective human being such as, environment, lifestyle, expression, etc. Due to this factor, different individuals of same age may not have same appearance. Therefore, age cannot be generalized based on the appearance, as the pace of facial aging is different for different individuals. Human age is nothing else, but a distinct pattern of the facial appearance. Computer based age estimation is a difficult task, because of the challenges seen in the process. In this paper, a summarization of previous researches is done which shows there are few frameworks proposed which perform better than human observation for estimating age of individuals. Keywords - Facial aging, age estimation, aging database, age progression