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Analysis on the ICT Literacy Level of Elementary and Middle School Students in South Korea

This study revised the national level ICT literacy level measurement into seven ability factors in order to improve the comparison of the results of this measurement with ICILS evaluation. The achievement standard of each ability factor was prepared and it was examined by experts to develop evaluation items. The level of difficulty was analyzed through a preliminary test and final evaluation items were selected. The national level ICT literacy level was measured based on them. The results of this study showed that there were significant relationships among ICT literacy level by the size of area and gender, the levels of each ability factor, and literacy grades. Based on the results, this study suggested providing ICT literacy education programs and materials for elementary students with considering the regional factors. Moreover, in the case of junior high students, this study proposed to offer free-semester program, creative experiential activities, extra-curriculum, securing the number of class hours, education using ICT, and various information gathering activities. Index terms - ICT literacy, computer education, IEA, SW evaluation