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The Effects of The Rise of Consumption on Income Polarization in Malaysia

There are occur situation regarding rising of development theory that were viewed as unbalance and incline to external influences that produce outcome which not focus on a domestic unit consuming. The process of urbanization produces big enhances in the real and the maximum activity of consuming nevertheless take place a lowering in effectiveness of power usage. This study utilized survey questionnaire for data collection. Data collection and analysis employed quantitative approach. The numbers of respondents involved in survey were 434 samples that gave agreement for participation in the study. Findings imply that Spearman’s correlation coefficient was statistically significant. There is positive relationship among the rise of consumption and income polarization. Ordinal regression indicates that the model gives better assumptions than if guessed centered on the marginal probabilities for the outcome variables. However, the data and the model assumptions are do not have a good model. Index Terms- Consumption, income, Malaysia, polarization.