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Analysis on Connection of Urbanized City and Employment in Malaysia

The linkage among urbanization and expansion is a pivotal agenda adopt largely in African and Asia. Communities spread out to the city to investigate for life and dweller enlarge that links to enhance in the earning of the city via earning taxes or distinctly deplete the social and economic occurrences because of poor urban planning, uncommon available occupation chances and none fundamental services. The objective of this research is to determine the linkage between urbanized city and employment. This research used quantitative method for data collection and analysis. Data collection employed survey approach via questionnaire involved a large number of people. Data collection involved 434 peoples that is dweller in the study regions as the samples in the study. Findings indicate that there is no association among urbanize city and employment using data analyses namely scatterplot and Spearman correlation. Ordinal regression indicates that the model without predictors is as good as the model with the predictors. Index Terms- City, employment, urbanization, urbanized.