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Contrasting Thai Male and Female Attitude towards Day Spa Service Quality in Bangkok: An Important-Performance Analysis Approach

This study aimed to compare the different of benefit sought, behavior, important and performance of service quality of day spa in Bangkok, between male and female Thai day spa goers. Data were collect by employing convenience sampling.102 male and 192 female Thai day spa goers have passed the screening criteria. The results of the study indicated that the most common reason to motivate spa goers in both genders to go to day spa was relaxation, refresh, relieve stress respectively even though there were 9 benefit attributes that found statistically significance between genders. There were 16 important and performance attributes which found statistically significant between male and female. This study confirmed that there was potential sex segmentation for day spas so day spa should customize their strategies and design different spa service for the distinct segments and thus retain and attract more day spa goers. Index terms - Day spa, Spa goer, Benefit sought, Importance-Performance Analysis,Gender.