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Emotions and Rationality of Consumer Decision-Making: Dual-Channel Reinforcement Learning Model

In the present work I made an attempt to develop a mathematical description of human decision-making governed by the combination of rational factors and emotions. Emotions as irrational factors are assumed to enter the process of decision- making via System 1, fast and automatic. Rational factors are accepted to be governed by System 2, slow and responsible for deliberate analysis of received information. The used formalism is based on the paradigm of reinforcement learning where Systems 1 and 2 are treated as complementary channels of information processing. The developed model called dual-channel reinforcement learning deals with two independent processes of learning and the cumulative effect on the option choice. For a particular case meeting the general requirements imposed on the deliberate and automatic human response it is shown that emotions can make the decision-making based just on rational strategy more optimal via stabilizing the Nash equilibrium. Index Terms - Decision-Making, Emotions, Rationality, Reinforcement Learning.