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Economic Feasibility Analysis of Wood Pellet Boiler in Thailand Industry

The objective of this study is mainly to analyze the economic feasibility of the wood pellet boiler in industry project at Thailand. The wooden pellets are expected to substitute fuel oil in furnaces boiler because the wood pellets are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. Two scenarios including cost benefit analysis of current situation and the government subsidy (30%) on the furnaces investment are investigated. The financial feasibility is also evaluated based on three important factors in the project, i.e., NPV > 0, IRR >7.01 % and PBperiodsā‰¤ 7 years. The results showed that the wood pellet boiler for industrial enterprise is a good choice for financially feasible with benefit cost of fuel and there is also a worthwhile investment. Index Terms - Boiler, Economic value analysis, Wood pellet, Thailand