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The Main Instruments of Popularization of Vocational Education in Georgia [Using the Example of Parents]

Vocational education is still unattractive and undesirable sphere in Georgia as it is Post-Soviet country. It is caused by many of subjective and objective reasons. The following of them are the most important:  Massification of academic education  Active intervention of parents in the process of choosing profession of their children and trying to motivate them to get the academic education  Irrelevant requirements of labor market  Disarrangement of vocational educational programmes and existing defects in professional qualifications framework  Problems in social awareness and orientation on the pseudo-education The parent’s attitude is the main thing in the process of choosing profession by the students. Accordingly, we consider that increasing of the parents’ awareness is one of the most important factors in the process of popularization of vocational education. As we were interested in this issue, we interviewed the parents of 8th and the 9th grades students to display their attitude in the case of choosing future professions of their children. The article will be focus on the above-mentioned issues. On the base of the interviews results we will analyze the parents’ attitude on choosing professions of their children. In the conclusion we will write the recommendations how to make the effective popularization of vocational education.