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Relationships among Parental Psychological Control, Autonomy Support, and Career Adaptability of University Students: The Mediating Role of Career Decision-Making Autonomy

This study was to examine the mediating role of university students’ career decision making autonomy in the links between parenting styles(psychological control, autonomy support) and career adaptability of university student. The number of 320 students in Seoul, Korea, were participated in the study. The structural equation modeling showed that psychological control decreased career decision making autonomy and career adaptability of university student children, whereas autonomy support increased them. Moreover, the effect of parenting styles on career adaptability was mediated by career decision making autonomy. In particular, the effect of parental autonomy support on career decision making autonomy and career adaptability of their children is significantly stronger than the effect of parental psychological control. These results suggest that focusing on parental autonomy support is essential for career development of university student. Index Terms - Psychological control, Autonomy support, Career decision making autonomy, Career adaptability, University students