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The Relations of Grit, Beliefs about Intelligence and Optimistic Self-talk in Invention Education

This study was to examine the correlations of invention and patent characterization high school students’ grit, beliefs about intelligence (i.e. incremental, and entity), and optimistic self-talk, and to explore the mediating role of students’ optimistic self-talk in the links between beliefs about intelligence and grit. Of the 340 high school students specialized in invention and patent education in Seoul, Korea, 308 completed and returned the questionnaires. The results showed that correlations between the two sub-factors of grit(i.e. consistency of interest, and perseverance of effort) was not statistically significant.Incremental belief about intelligence was positively correlated with grit, whereas entity belief about intelligence wasnegativelycorrelated withgrit. Optimistic self-talk was positively correlated with grit and incremental belief about intelligence. In the results of path analysis, incremental belief about intelligence had direct effects on optimistic self-talk and grit, and the effect of incremental belief about intelligence on grit was partially mediated by optimistic self-talk. This study will be helpful understanding how to develop grit of high school students specialized in invention and patent education. Index Terms - Invention, high school student, grit, beliefs about intelligence, self-talk.