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Creative Tourism Development in Ban Chiang, UdonThani

This research aims to suggest Creative Tourism Development in Ban Chiang, UdonThani. The samples and key informants were the representative from community and involved authorities by using the purposive sampling. The focus group and card techniques were used as the research method to sorting out the importance or the urgency to develop. The researcher analyzed the data, synthesized the content or main points which are related to form in the same group and presented in a composition. The research result of Creative Tourism Development in Ban Chiang, UdonThani Province, Thailand were to represent the local way of life of the community in historical tourism attractions together with the tourism activities such as to bring the pottery pattern design of ancient Ban Chiang pottery to be the pattern for tourists to draw the Ban Chiang’s pottery pattern on the copy of Ban Chiang pottery. The decoration along the access way to the tourism attractions with local handicrafts from the way in. The amenity arrangements and accommodation to harmonized with the tourism attraction by fetching the pottery pattern design, pottery or hand weaved cloth to decorate such as signs; restrooms; and trash bins. In addition to accommodation, tourists have chances to cook “Tai-Puan” food as well as creating the activities for tourists to portray the “Tai-Puan” people by wearing their traditional dress and taking photos; also doing tourism activities in traditional festival of the community with the local mentor to pass on knowledge, skills and experience to tourists. Index Terms - Ban Chiang Community, Creative Tourism.