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The Active Pattern of Governmental Organization in Iran

In The Connecting Ages, nowadays ActiveIs An a Organizational Key Property Having Extra Importance In The Complicated OrganizationalEnvironment .Subbject Of This Research Is active Pattern Of Governmental Organizational In Iran ,The Case Study ,Petro Administration In IRI. Main Matter Of The Research ,How چابک سازی Pattern In Governmental Organizations Is? And How Desirable Pattern activeIs? Some Initial Data And library Resources Which Were Analyzed By Software:SPSS,lisrel .And Expert Chice .The Method Used Through This Study Is Delphi Performed In Three Steps.members Of Delphi Are Some Of Universiyies Factuly Members .The Applierd Suggestion Through The Research After Designing The Mode Is That Establishing An Optimum Pattern In Governmental Organization Is Related To An Excellent Mangment Of Responsible Educating Person And Making Cultural Affairs Are Important With Regards to activity .In Petro Administration. so Weak Aspects In this Organization Will Be Removed. Keywords - Activity,Governmental Organization Petro Administration