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The Research of Gyorgy Sandor Ligeti’s String Quartet No.2

In this work, György Sandor Ligeti's music life, his own composing technique and String Quartet No.2 are studied. György Ligeti made his first composition works with Zoltan Kodaly, Pal Jardanyi and Sandor Veress in 1945-1949. He was influenced by Bela Bartok. The effects of Hungarian folk music are seen in his works. He used the musical texture as the main element of his compositions. He developed his own micropolyphony technique and pioneered thefuturecomposers. He avoided the concept of tonal and classical melody. He has extended his understanding by using microtonality or different tuning methods. Ligeti's String Quartet No.2 is very difficult to interpret. Compared to other compositions composed in the same period, it is in a very traditional style. It attracts attention with its timbral difference and texture. As a result of this research, it is aimed to make it easier to understand Ligeti's music and his second work for the string quartet. Keywords - György Ligeti, sound mass, microtonality, string quartet.