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Success in Building a Micro Entrepreneurship of Generation Y Vocational Graduates in Gig Economy

The purpose of this research project was to study micro entrepreneurship success of generation Y vocational graduates. The population was vocational graduates from educational institutes under the supervision of Office of the Vocational Education Commission. Their degree ranged from vocational certificate to high vocational certificate. There were 408 subjects in the study using stratified sampling technique. The instrument used in this study was a questionnaire. The researcher then conducted a semi structured interview with 6 selected participants who were successful in doing their business before performing content analysis of the interview scripts. The results showed that 63 % of the graduates chose it as a part-time job. There were six factors contributing to a successful entrepreneur as follows: 1) the high level of characteristics of a good entrepreneur 2) the high level of career planning process 3) the high level of self-development 4)the high level of management and having stable financial status5) the high level of being a successful micro entrepreneur 6)the high level of understanding changes in labor markets, economic and social aspects.The findings from the interview revealed that the successful graduates had the following strengths: career satisfaction, having unique personalities, having patience and determination, lifelong learning for self-development and creating a cooperation network for business guidelines and plans. However, they had some weak points such as problems about efficient management and shortage of skilled labor which leads to production inability according to customers’ needs. Keywords- Success, Micro Entrepreneurs, Vocational Graduates, Gig Economy