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Rapid Detection of Trace Ozone by using Swcnt-In2o3 Materials

In this study, the sensitivity of SWCNT-In2O3 materials to trace ozone (from 20 ppb to 2.4 ppm) was investigated at room temperature. The SWCNT-In2O3 materials were characterized using X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy. The sensing properties of various ratios of SWCNT-In2O3 were measured. Among the various weight ratios of SWCNT-In2O3, the sensor response of the 2.0 wt% SWCNT-In2O3 was the highest obtained response (13.21) to 1500 ppb ozone. The ozone sensing properties are attributed to the mechanism of adsorption, desorption, and the surface reaction processes of ozone. Therefore, the SWCNT-In2O3 has potential and promising application in the field of ozone detection. Index Terms - SWCNT-In2O3; ozone; sensing properties; sensing mechanism.