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Statistics of Indian Pillow Consumers: A Statistical Comparative Analysis on Preferences based on Age and Gender

Sleep plays an important role in the life of a person and is influenced significantly by the type of the pillow used during sleep. The aim of the research was to statistically analyze the parameters which influence a person to use a specific type of pillow based on their gender and age. A survey was conducted with a sample population to check various factors which affect the duration of sleep, type of pillow used, pain associated with sleep and several other parameters like shape, material, sleeping posture etc. The data was demographically categorized and the responses were divided. A cross tabular analysis was done to find the relationship and population distribution of the above mentioned parameters. The results concluded that the common pain experienced by the Indian population is either back pain or neck pain. A softer, rectangular pillow with cooler temperature was preferred for sound sleep and cotton pillow ranked highest with respect to customer preference. In females the most common sleeping posture was fetus-curled up position, whilst males preferred soldier-lying on the back position. To summarize, majority of the population was satisfied with their current pillow, however, given a choice, they preferred a softer pillow with better neck support. Keywords - Sleep, Pillow, Pain, Survey, Neck support