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Prospects of Intelligent Transportation Systems in the Context of Dhaka City, Bangladesh

Bangladesh, one of the fastest developing countries, is facing a suffocated situation on transportation arena every day. Growth of population and private vehicles is making the situation more complex. As Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) has emerged as the most effective solution for the transportation area in the developed countries, it can be considered as the most perfect and effective tool in developing countries like Bangladesh especially for Dhaka. The scopes of supply management to solve the problem of congestion of Dhaka city are reducing, because the expansion of physical infrastructures has almost reached to its ending level. Now the only way is solution through demand management, for which ITS is a very important tool. Application of ITS can be more complex for heterogeneous network and traffic condition in Dhaka and economic restraints. Through the study of users’ perceptions, some fields of possible application of modern transportation technologies in the context of Dhaka city has been conducted and proposed in this research work. Before the application of any improvement, proper study should be made to determine the functional and economic feasibility of the system. The proper implementation of most suitable technologies on every possible aspects of our transportation system can bring remarkable success. Keywords - ITS, Congestion, Demand Management, Technologies, Implementation