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Innovative Retrofit of a Heritage Building Real Case using FRP Technology and Steel Jacketing

In this paper evaluation of seismic capacity of a historical building is carried out. It had been used as a national library about 40 years ago. Also, before that, it had been constructed as a part of a Royal complex. This building has been constructed by traditional methods using bricks and mortars. The ceilings system of the structure consists of jack arches. Also, the roof of the building has been constructed with wood trusses. The building does not have any designed lateral bearing system. Lateral resistant of the building is due to masonry walls and due to brittle and non-ductile performance of it. In secondary cycles of earthquake vibration, it will loose its stiffness and strengthening radically. Also the building does not have any reliable about integrity. Load bearing systems are not reliable too. In this paper the evaluation of resistant capacity of the building is established and the weak points of the system are distinguished. For some masonry columns some traditional method of steel jacketing is designed and for increasing the reliability of the columns, FRP sheets are applied. In order to retrofits the walls, FRP sheets are installed on its surfaces, the externally bonded FRP sheets are strengthening the wall against in-plane and out of plane applied horizontal forces. Combination of the steel jacketing and externally bonded FRP sheets is prescribed to achieve an integrated system of the elements. Keywords - URM, masonry, retrofit, historical building, FRP