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ITV-Intelligent Traffic Validation: An Optimally Secure Driver’s Identity System

This paper presents a channelized solution of securing the Traffic Management System by maintaining an indexed record of car drivers, initially focussed on the urban scape. The main objective is to prohibit unauthorized drivers from taking the car on to road. The tracking technology utilizes the concepts of Data-mining, Steganography, Data encryption and Internet of Things.IOT creates a connection between cameras and the sensors. The captured data is encrypted using hashing and steganography, to prevent any human intervention or a D-Dos attack. The decoded data is matched with the license list database of the Indian government using data mining and only if a match has been found the microcontroller will render a response for the car engine to start. This project is a great boost for Indian government’s initiative for digitization regarding driver vehicle paring and resolving issues of legal drive by automating the array of verification procedure. The core idea revolves around the fact that the transport runs on the road only when a valid license holder drives it, the proposed system takes care of the paring and validation. Keywords - Traffic Management System, Internet of Things, Steganography, Data Mining, Data Encryption