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Self-perceived Employability of Business Undergraduates: The Effect of Socialized Mentor in Internship Company

This research aims to explore and examine the impact of socialized mentor on the self-perceptions of employability of business undergraduates (bachelor degree students) in a Vietnam university. The study also aims to examine the mediating role of mentoring function including career, psychosocial, and role-modeling in the relationship between socialized mentor and self-perceived employability of undergraduates student after internship program. Two main hypotheses are established to explore the effect of the independent variable (socialized mentor) on the dependent variable (self-perceived employability). We plan to distribute 250 questionnaires directly to internship students and their socialized mentors after they finish the internship program. We expect that this study will encourage further research related to the internship program, the role of socialized mentor with self-perceived employability of undergraduates student. It also hopes that the information obtained from this research can help universities to gain a better understanding of the self-perceived employability of undergraduates student, from that helping them develop policies and plans for more effective internships in the future. Index Terms - Employability, self-perceived employability, mentoring functions, internship, organizational socialization.