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Guidelines for Sufficiency Economy Development for Successful Sustainable Communities

The purposes of this study were 1) to study the guidelines for community development in accordance with Sufficiency Economy Philosophy for sustainable success 2) To study the level of success in community development in accordance with the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy of the community. This is a quantitative research and the questionnaires were used as a tool for data collecting. The sample group is the 200 people living in Dusit District Community. The results showed as follow; 1. Enable factors in community development achievement based on the sufficiency economy philosophy of Dusit Community are external factors such as educating, funding factor, technology (social media). In terms of internal factors such as cooperate with the villagers, in line with the daily life, culture and the understanding of villagers about the concept of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy. These factors were effect to the community to be sustainable in the community for long term. 2. Dusit Community succeed in using the sufficiency economy philosophy for successful sustainable communities at a high level in all factors. Keywords - Dusit community, The Sufficiency economy Philosophy, Development