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Estimation of Modelling Parameters for Tool Wear on Turning of Ti6al4v by using Gravitational Search Algorithm

Titanium and its alloys have become more widespread by advantages of the high strength, low weight ratio and outstanding corrosion resistance. Ti6Al4V alloy, which is preferred in medical, electronics and aeronautics, is a material with the highest machinability in titanium alloys. Thus, machining parameters designing of this alloy and pre-calculation by modeling of them is very important to decrease of the tool wear. There are several modelling techniques and assumptions to predict parameters of machinability. In this study, for modelling of machining parameters, cutting speed and volume of chip are defined as input parameters and tool wear is defined as output. Then, all these parameter values have been experimentally obtained. Linear, quadratic and exponential formulations have been used for modelling. The coefficients of these equations have been found optimally by using Gravitational Search Algorithm (GSA). The objective function is aimed to decrease error value between predicted and measured. Obtained results from three different formulations have been compared each other. Index Terms - Ti6Al4V, linear regression, tool wear, Gravitational Search Algorithm