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One-Step Purification of Lysozyme by Ion Exchange Nanofibrous Membrane in a Stirred Cell Contactor

Polyacrylonitrile nanofiber membranes (PAN) were fabricated via electrospinning technique. The PAN membrane comprises a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) spunbond fabric as a supporting layer with upper and lower PAN nanofibrous membrane. After NaOH and HCl treatment procedures, the modified membrane is a weak ion exchange membrane (namely AEA-COOH). The AEA-COOH membrane was characterized in terms of fiber diameter, porosity, specific area, pore size, ionic density, and binding capacity. In this study, lysozyme was chosen as a model protein. The adsorption efficiency of the AEA-COOH ion exchange membrane for lysozyme was assessed by the measurements of breakthrough curves in a small stirred cell system (Model Millipore 8010). The capture of lysozyme from diluted chicken egg white (CEW) was carried out with a working volume of 10 mL under the different feed concentrations, flow rates, rotating speeds, and operating pressures. The optimal adsorption conditions were found to be adsorption pH9, 1 in 10 dilution of CEW, average flow rate of 0.1 mL/min, rotating speed of 200 rpm, and initial operating pressure of 0 psi). Furthermore,the elution of lysozyme wasalso investigated in stirred cell experiments. It was successful in achieving purification of lysozyme in a high yield of 98.2% with a purification factorof 62.9 in a single step. Index Terms - Chicken egg , electrospinning technique ,lysozyme , Polyacrylonitrile nanofiber membranes