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Students’ Misconception Identification to Understand The Concept of Simple Fraction by using Cri (Certainty of Response Index)

This study aimed to identify students’ misconceptions at Mathematic Major regarding the concept of simple fractions as a tool to identify misconceptions, namely Certainty of Response Index (CRI) which can be interpreted as a confidence level of respondents in answering the questions. The method used is descriptive quantitative. Research carried out for 60 students consisting of students from academic year 2012, 2013 and 2014. For data collection, the instrument used is the essay. In answering the question, the students were also asked to give reasons as well as the filling level of confidence in answering questions. The results showed (1) 1 of 4 college students have misconceptions, (2) students from academic year 2013 has misconceptions as much as 33%, most of the other forces (3) The biggest misconceptions by students in concept of part-group non-congruent part, analysing the images part-whole congruent part, and fraction as a ratio. Keywords - Misconceptions, Simple Fractions Concept, CRI (Certainty of Response Index).