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Financial Inclusion of Food & Grocery Shop Owners in Aizawl, Mizoram

The research have been undertaken to study the depth of financial inclusion among food & grocery shops in Aizawl, which is the capital of Mizoram, one of the eight states in the north east India. The main objectives of the research is to analyse the financial inclusion of food & grocery shop owners and identify the problems faced by them as well as giving suggestions on how to improve financial inclusion among them. The study found that 97.33% of the respondents were financially included. The main problems faced by food & grocery shop owners in availing/accessing banking services are preference of doing transactions in cash, low income and assets, lack of financial knowledge, branches attitude of bank officials, limited number of banks in local area and cumbersome banking procedures. Though most of the owners of food & grocery shops in Aizawl are financially included, the penetration of financial inclusion is unsatisfactory. There are still many aspects where the situation needs to be improved. Keywords - Financial Inclusion, Food & Grocery, Retail Industry