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Principle Component Analysis: Post Purchase Consumer Behaviour Among Car Owners in Aizawl City- A Case Study of Hyundai Motors

This paper is an attempt to understand and study the post purchase behaviour of Hyundai car owners of Aizawl, Mizoram. 170 Hyundai car owners were studied through questionnaire. The paper uses Principal Component Analysis and Factor Analysis to find out the major factors that play a key role in the purchase, usage and ranking of preferred attributes of Hyundai Cars. The factors are determined based on 25 attributes of cars for which 9 factors are sorted out using the Rotated Component Matrix. This study will help understand a consumers’ perception towards automobiles as well as for the manufacturers and dealers to understand buyer behaviour and may develop certain marketing strategies through the findings of the research. The study validates 9 factors that buyers of Hyundai cars take into consideration while analyzing their purchase- performance, accessibility, value, technology, safety, security, aesthetics and choice factors.